The Balut Crew is hosted by Abby and Steve. We are a husband and wife team, Chinese and Filipino food recipes and cooking blog. While we’ve crossed path from different cultures and heritage, we share our passion of road trips, all things turtle, Dobermans, our son, wine and food. We love to eat and with the arrival of our first baby, Ethan, we recently started cooking more frequently at home. Cooking with authentic, easy to make Chinese and Filipino recipes passed down by our ancestors has become our new pastime. The dishes we whip up and share on our blog will remain authentic and true to their original recipes, however, we place emphasis on the ease of recreating these delicious recipes. Substitute ingredients will be provided if it is not readily accessible, and links to ingredients we use in our recipes that can be ordered online from Amazon are provided for our readers’ convenience. We will also dabble with delicious contemporary and fusion recipes from time to time to see what we’ve created! If you have any questions or comments, drop us a line 🙂

Please excuse the dust as we continuously strive to improve our blog. On the mean time, pick up an apron, a spatula, a cold one and join us on our cooking journey!