Fried Garlic in Garlic Oil Condiment

Fried garlic in garlic oil is a staple condiment in Asian cuisines, but particularly in south east Asian cuisines. It is commonly used in noodle and soup-based dishes. It goes extremely well with our rice noodle soup in clear broth with beef meatballs recipe. Not only is it easy to make, using readily available ingredients, it stores for months in the refrigerator and enhances many dishes.

The oil you use to make this fragrant condiment also matters. Avoid using flavored oil, such as olive oil and stick to vegetable, corn or canola oil. I personally love the pairing of fried garlic in corn oil, but that’s just my preference. Do not use olive oil, it will ruin the taste.

Allow to cool before storing in a hermetically sealed glass jar in the refrigerator.

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