Easy Hainan chicken recipe with ginger-garlic-oil dipping sauce.

Recipes for Dipping Sauces

We just added a separate recipe category just for recipes for dipping sauces. It has just dawned on us that many of the recipes that are backed up has a complimentary dipping sauce. To this, we  created a new category called “Sauces & Condiment” to fill our library of sauces that compliment certain dishes. We have just recently experimented with Hainan chicken and that dish has a plethora of dipping sauces for the chicken. We created a basic traditional ginger garlic oil dipping sauce for that particular dish to start. Another recipe we just published, Lumpiang Shanghai, calls for two dipping sauces: a sweet & sour based sauce and a vinear-garlic based dipping sauce. As you can see, the more we review our backlog of recipes, the more and more dipping sauce recipe we’ll have to sidetrack and write up! We created this new recipe category to help organize sauce recipes and to help you easily find such recipes. Stay tuned for more updates!


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