Rice Noodle Soup in Clear Broth

Rice noodle soup in clear broth was one of my childhood favorite food along with braised pork belly, taro eggrolls and others. Rice noodle soup come in different shape and size but this recipe is the most basic and you can add to it as you like. The rice noodle is cooked separately in water and then chicken broth is ladled over it.

The quintessential toppings that make up this dish include cooked beef meatballs (thịt bò viên – you can find them in the refrigerated section of an Asian supermarket), sliced green onions and garlic oil. Additional basic toppings that are commonly eaten with this dish are young bean sprouts and cilantro leaves. That’s it! This dish is not only a comfort food but also an easy, hardy winter soup.

Generally a whole chicken is used to make the chicken broth. For this recipe, we are using chicken bones along with low sodium chicken broth for enhanced flavors. Rice noodles are available in thick or spaghetti-thin size. I grew up eating this recipe with thin noodle soup and that’s what this recipe will call for. Be sure to shop for rice noodles (aka rice stick) and not rice vermicelli. There’s a big difference between the two.

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