Filipino Leche Flan

Easy 6-ingredient Filipino Leche Flan Dessert

The leche flan is a popular dessert dish that exists in many different countries. The classic Filipino version is made from pure egg yolks while other recipes call for whole eggs and other complicated ingredients, such as fruit toppings and cream cheese. The use of pure egg yolks in this classic recipe gives the Filipino leche flan a creamy, silky texture that simply melts in your mouth. Classic Filipino flan is also sweeter than other variation, so you may want to re-adjust the sugar amount to your preferred level of sweetness. However, do not re-adjust the brown sugar for the caramel.

Because the leche flan needs to be refrigerated overnight to set, this recipe must be made at least 8 hours prior to serving. If you are hosting a dinner party, plan ahead accordingly.

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