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A5 Kagoshima Wagyu

A5 Wagyu Strip Steaks From Kagoshima, Japan Through Crowd Cow

A while back, I’ve ordered a set of Japanese A5 Wagyu strip steaks from Kagoshima through Crowd Cow. These guys aren’t cheap at $119 per slice of 12 oz. ¾” thick strips (they are now $140 as of this writing). We were saving them for very special occasions with friends and family and finally had […]

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Easy Hainan chicken recipe with ginger-garlic-oil dipping sauce.

Recipes for Dipping Sauces

We just added a separate recipe category just for recipes for dipping sauces. It has just dawned on us that many of the recipes that are backed up has a complimentary dipping sauce. To this, we  created a new category called “Sauces & Condiment” to fill our library of sauces that compliment certain dishes. We […]

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Ninja® Foodi® Pressure Cooker

We Just Acquired a Ninja® Foodi® Pressure Cooker!

We have recently acquired a Ninja® Foodi® Pressure Cooker and have experimented several recipes with it. To say that it is now one of our favorite investment is truly an understatement! We’ve cooked Filipino sinigang with it and got the same result in ⅔ the time! Instead of braising the pork, we pressure cooked it […]

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We're Back!

We’re Back!

Since acquiring our Kamado Joe Classic II over two years ago, a lot has happened. We have a new member in the family, our first dog and first European Doberman. Our son was also diagnosed with provisional autism spectrum disorder (ASD) at 28 months, and then of course, the pandemic. Our son is doing well, […]

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Acquired a Kamado Joe Classic II and What We've Been Doing!

Acquired a Kamado Joe Classic II and What We’ve Been Doing!

It has been a while since we last posted a recipe, over a year to be exact! A lot of things have occurred. For one, we moved closer Steve’s work so he can spend more time with family instead of on the road commuting (minimum of 4 hours on a normal day). This translates into […]

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First Appetizer Recipe Featuring Chinese Pork Dumplings

First Appetizer Recipe Featuring Chinese Pork Dumplings

We have ways to go to fill up all of our food categories. We added our first dessert recipe over 3 months ago! Today, we’re adding a traditional Chinese staple, the steamed pork dumpling! Appetizers are suppose to be a simple filler before the grand entree, and this simple basic steamed pork dumpling recipe will […]

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Wagyu Ribeye steak with chanterelle mushroom steak sauce

Wagyu Ribeye Steak with Chanterelle Mushroom Sauce

Today I am not necessarily writing about a traditional Chinese or Filipino dish, but for Valentine’s Day, I’ve had the opportunity to make use of a pair of 10 oz. dry aged Wagyu Ribeye steaks I’ve been saving for that special occasion dinner. Serve it over a glass of Spottswoode and a Philips Hue Go LED […]

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Filipino Leche Flan

Our First Dessert Recipe: Classic Filipino Leche Flan

What a busy first two weeks here at the Balut Crew, considering that our site has technically gone dormant-live for a year! In addition to releasing 4 recipes and a blog entry this past two weeks, we are proud to introduce our first dessert recipe – the classic Filipino leche flan! We chose this recipe because […]

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Easy Pork Sinigang

Wet Winter Calls for Soup and Stew Based Recipes!

  Besides our blog being off to a slow start, winter this year is off to a wet start! We’ve been getting a consistent anStuffed Bd constant amount of rain. This is welcome news as the state of California has been in a drought for the past five years. Good news however, 42% of the Golden […]

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Off to a Slow Start, Let's Get Cooking!

Off to a Slow Start, Let’s Get Cooking!

Off to a slow start! Hello all, from the look of things, i.e. analytics, we’ve been getting traffic to this woefully neglected site to our surprise! We originally wanted to launch this web site some time in spring of 2016 but halted all effort as soon as we discovered that we were expecting a baby. […]

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