Easy Lumpiang Shanghai Appetizer

Today’s recipe is easy lumpiang shanghai appetizer. Lumpiang shanghai, also known as Filipino egg rolls, is a Filipino deep-fried appetizer consisting of a mixture of a ground pork based filling. It is the most basic type of lumpia and are a great pulutan (finger food) that everyone loves to snack on. Lumpiang shanghai can be ordered for larger parties by the tray load. Here, we teach you how to prepare your own lumpiang shanghai, how to wrap and fry from the comfort of your home.

Pre-made lumpiang shanghai rolls can be frozen in zip top bags for a quick snack at a later time. Even better, frozen lumpiang shanghai rolls do not need to be defrosted before tossing them into the deep fryer.

When making this easy and delectable appetizer, be sure to use pastry wrappers, found in the frozen section of Asian supermarkets. Do NOT use the dry, rice-based wrappers commonly used for Vietnamese fresh spring rolls (recipe coming soon).

Mama Sita’s brand also has a lumpiang shanghai seasoning mix that you can add to the ground pork filling. If using this seasoning, omit salt, ground pepper and soy sauce from the ingredients list below.

Lumpiang shanghai is enjoyed with a sweet and sour dipping sauce or vinegar-garlic based dipping sauce.

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