Wagyu Ribeye steak with chanterelle mushroom steak sauce

Wagyu Ribeye Steak with Chanterelle Mushroom Sauce

Today I am not necessarily writing about a traditional Chinese or Filipino dish, but for Valentine’s Day, I’ve had the opportunity to make use of a pair of 10 oz. dry aged Wagyu Ribeye steaks I’ve been saving for that special occasion dinner. Serve it over a glass of Spottswoode and a Philips Hue Go LED lamp set on candlelight mode gently flickering in the background and we’ve got ourselves a 5-star steakhouse dinner experience at home for the fraction of the cost.

Wagyu Ribeye steaks

The Wagyu Ribeye steaks were cooked at 125° F via sous vide for 2 hours, then seared at 500° F for 90 seconds each side. No special seasoning were used to season the steaks beside fresh ground tellicherry peppercorns and fresh ground Himalayan pink salt.

As for the sauce? I reconstituted dehydrated chanterelle mushrooms in white wine for 1 hour and then used the mushroom-wine broth to make creamy chanterelle mushroom steak sauce. Chanterelle mushrooms are currently out of season. When they are in season, they are pricey and hard to find. Creamy Chanterelle Mushroom Steak Sauce courtesy of The Daring Gourmet.

Wagyu Ribeye steak with creamy chanterelle mushroom steak sauce

The result? How do you describe color to a blind person? It’s like trying to describe the taste and texture of Wagyu beef. There are some things you just have to experience once in life. Wagyu beef is one of them.

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