Acquired a Kamado Joe Classic II and What We've Been Doing!

Acquired a Kamado Joe Classic II and What We’ve Been Doing!

It has been a while since we last posted a recipe, over a year to be exact! A lot of things have occurred. For one, we moved closer Steve’s work so he can spend more time with family instead of on the road commuting (minimum of 4 hours on a normal day). This translates into time freed up to experiment with new cooking appliances and recipes. We relocated late October 2017. Our new place is a single family home with a nice backyard for entertaining guests and grilling. We’ve also acquired a Kamado Joe Classic II and have been experimenting with all kinds of recipes on it. The Kamado Joe is ceramic grill and retains heat very well. We used our Kamado Joe to bake, roast, sear, grill, smoke and even rotisserie. Temperature control is very precise down to 150° F or as high as 900° F.

Since acquiring the Kamado Joe cooker, our cooking opportunity door has opened up wider than ever and we’ve experimented with all kind of recipes. We’ve documented every recipe we’ve re-created that passed our quality test. These recipes will be subsequently made available on this site and there is surely a back log of them!

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