Off to a Slow Start, Let's Get Cooking!

Off to a Slow Start, Let’s Get Cooking!

Off to a slow start! Hello all, from the look of things, i.e. analytics, we’ve been getting traffic to this woefully neglected site to our surprise! We originally wanted to launch this web site some time in spring of 2016 but halted all effort as soon as we discovered that we were expecting a baby. Our time and resource were allocated to ensure a healthy and safe pregnancy, and in designing a fun nursery for our expecting son (which you can read about and see photographs here). Suffice to say, our first baby, Ethan, was born on September 30, 2016 at a healthy 6 lbs 4 oz via a scheduled C section at 37 weeks. He is now 2 months old and lively as ever.

We will organize our family recipes and start pushing out, hopefully, a recipe every 2-3 weeks. Besides our passion for road trips, we love to cook and what better way to share our passion with the world than sharing delicious family recipes passed down from generations before us?

Will you put on your apron and join us on our culturally charged culinary journey?

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