Chinese Bitter Melon Soup

Easy Chinese Bitter Melon Soup (Kǔguā tāng)

We all have a magical tonic that seem to cure all ailment. One such super soup is the Bitter Melon Soup, said to heal cold, lower blood pressure and energize the body. Whether these claims are true or not is beyond the scope of this blog. What we can agree on is that it is delicious and a great soup to enjoy during a cold winter storm. Funny thing is my parents (Steve), coerced me into eating this soup growing up and I absolutely abhor it. Now, as an adult, I’ve come to appreciate bitter melon and this dish has become one of my favorite soup to make. Best of all, the ingredients to make this dish for two costs less than $10.00 as of this writing and the ingredients are readily available. Bitter melons are available year round at any Asian supermarket. If you do not have access to an Asian supermarket, order some bitter melon seeds and grow the melons yourself! They are quick growing and easy to cultivate.

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