Easy Kalbi BBQ Ribs (Korean BBQ Beef Ribs)

Easy Kalbi BBQ Ribs (Korean BBQ Beef Ribs)

There are many variation of Kalbi beef short ribs. In fact, we previously published a Filipino-style Kalbi BBQ ribs as one of the very first recipe for this food blog. In this recipe variation, you are presented with the absolute easiest, no frill, tasty grilled Korean style Kalbi beef short ribs ready in minutes that any body can make. For this recipe, we will use only two simple ingredients; a 16 oz. bottle of pre-made bottled Korean BBQ marinade and 2 lbs. of beef short ribs cut Flanken style. If flanken style beef short ribs are not readily available, simply ask your butcher to cut a regular rack of beef short ribs Flanken style. They can do this easily with their meat cutting band saw.

The ribs are marinated in bottled Kalbi marinade overnight in a zip top bag. If you are making this dish in a hurry, marinade for a minimum of 2 hours. The marinated ribs are then grilled over medium heat on our Kamado Joe Classic kamado cooker, over lump charcoal. The ribs can certainly be cooked on a gas grill, but nothing beats the smokey, wood fire taste acquired from natural lump charcoal.

These easy Kalbi BBQ ribs can be eaten a la carte, but we enjoy it with warm white rice and a side of kimchi.

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