Easy Thai-Style Hainan Chicken (Khao Man Gai)

Easy Thai-Style Hainan Chicken (Khao Man Gai)

Hainan chicken is a Chinese dish consisting of poached chicken served with seasoned rice cooked in chicken broth made from the poached chicken. It has its origin in the Hainan region of south-eastern China, but has spread into many into neighboring south east Asian countries whom have adapted the dish with their own twist. This recipe is an easy Thai street food style Hainan chicken, known as Khao Man Gai. The recipe calls for the uses of a whole chicken, we recommend with feet, neck and head to enhance the flavor of the broth. The rich chicken broth created from poaching the whole chicken can be used to create complimenting side dishes, such as Hainanese chicken rice and wintermelon soup, which are both commonly eaten with this dish. The dish is garnished with cilantro leaves and sliced cucumbers.

The recipe makes use of pandan leaves which are usually found in the frozen vegetables section in an Asian supermarket. If this is not available, lemongrass can be used, although the flavor will differ. As a last resort, rehydrated dehydrated pandan leaves can be used.

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