Easy Pork Sinigang Recipe

This traditional soup-based dish is also known as Filipino pork tamarind soup and is the perfect companion during chilly winter nights or rainy days. Not only is this recipe easy to make, the recipe yield enough to feed an entire family of 4 or more with room for leftover for the next day. We’ve made this recipe for two and the entire dish lasted about two days; two dinners and two lunches (brown bagged for work). Since this is an “easy” sinigang recipe, we will be using readily available ingredients alongside with references to traditional ingredients found commonly in Asian supermarkets instead. For example, we’ll be using baby spinach instead of water spinach which the traditional dish calls for since water spinach is not readily available outside of Asian supermarkets. We’ll also be using a packet of sinigang mix instead of making the tamarind base from scratch for the scope of this dish. The taste is indiscernible from the traditional version of the dish. Sinigang is served with Jasmine rice and eaten in a bowl filled with rice and mixed with the sinigang soup.

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