Easy Filipino-style Kalbi Short Ribs on the Grill

Easy Filipino-style Kalbi Short Ribs on the Grill

The Kalbi short rib is a staple item, dare we even say quintessential item in Korean BBQ joints. It is basically beef short ribs cross cut length wise at about 1/3″ thick and marinated in kalbi sauce before hitting the grill.

As our second Asian fusion recipe, we are taking the traditional Korean Kalbi recipe and adding a Filipino flare to it with key Filipino ingredients such as banana ketchup and Toyo’t Kalamansi sauce. The result is an easy to make and delicious beef short rib dish from the fusion of ingredients from two vibrant Asian cultures.

For an unbeatable burst of flavor, we recommend marinating the beef short ribs overnight and turning the ribs halfway through the marinade process. But if you are short on time, marinade for a minimum of 3½ hours.

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